Remembering a colleague

Dr. Richard Arnold

Thanks for this, Richard:

READING THE BIBLE: Intention, Text, Interpretation was exactly the text I wanted to bridge the ever-widening gap between the ancient stories and contemporary students. I used the book in a second-year university course which studied the influence of the King James Bible on two 20th-century fiction writers: Howard O’Hagan (Western Canada) and Flannery O’Connor (Southern U.S.). Robert Lane has a unique gift for both interpreting key passages/motifs, and putting them into 21st-century perspective. Virtually every student in the class at some point remarked that this book made it possible to finally understand where much of our modern literature comes from. Lane’s style—a combination of meticulous scholarship and humourous personal anecdote—makes it accessible to all students and does much to correct the woeful ignorance in our society about this critical topic. I highly recommend this text for any university course, including graduate level, which is concerned with the literary, cultural, and mythological aspects of the Bible.

Reviewed by Richard Arnold, Ph.D., Professor of English, Vancouver Island University

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or the only
nature that’s saved
will be wild hairy comets
with venomous tails


attacking from jungles
of light-years and dust
to teach us too late
how much (love)ly we’ve lost

2003, Richard Arnold

Patrick Lane

Vancouver Island University

Vancouver Island University (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a convocation ceremony on January 28, 2016, Vancouver Island University presented Patrick Lane with an Honorary Doctor of Letters. Watch a video of his speech here (scroll down to the second video) or read a transcript of his address to graduates here.

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An Opportunity to Help a VIU Student


Recently a Rutgers philosopher published a piece on Episyllogism as a tribute to my years of working at Malaspina (now VIU). Published here and also on Facebook the post had over 650 views!

Above all it celebrates the importance of post-secondary education and the challenges young people have in accessing a good university. I am hoping that you will join with Karen and me in contributing some help for those students. To that end VIU has provided the following information.

Bob and Karen Lane invite you to join them in supporting a bursary for students in financial need. Gifts can be made online here, or contact William Litchfield, Executive Director of the VIU Foundation ( or 250.740.6602) to make a difference in the life of a student.

It is easy and safe to donate online and I hope you will join us in helping a student at Vancouver island University!