On truth

Foundational philosophy

Foundational philosophy

What is truth? asked Pilate of Jesus; unfortunately Jesus didn’t answer directly.

Some time ago I was a commentator on a radio show called Insects and Robots out of Kootenay, BC. We talked about many topics on that show and one that listeners responded to was a show on truth.

You can listen to the “truth” audio files at soundcloud:

The entire show is here. The talk about truth is at about the 18 minute mark on the audio file.

Go here for an existential comic!


Sunday is for sermonizing


In this issue of IAI News we look back over the biggest ideas of 2015. The key question this year has been how to move beyond the old postmodern arguments about objective truth.

Here are 2015’s most popular articles on IAI News:

1. Searle vs Lawson, After the End of Truth
2. Nancy Cartwright, Unnatural Laws
3. Atkins vs Midgley, The Limits of Science
4. Norman Lamont, A Dangerous Dependency
5. Mark Salter, Psychiatry After Postmodernism
6. Matthew Parris, Expert Lies