Guns in the USA

We don’t yet know exactly by whom and for what deranged “reason” or mutant “cause” five police officers were murdered last night [July 7], but, as the President rightly suggested, we do know how—and the how is a huge part of what happened. By having a widely armed citizenry, we create a situation in which gun violence becomes a common occurrence, not the rarity it ought to be and is everywhere else in the civilized world. – Adam Gopnik in The New Yorker

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Old Age!

OldReview – Old Age
A Beginner’s Guide
by Michael Kinsley
Tim Duggan Books, 2016
Review by Bob Lane, MA
May 26th 2016 (Volume 20, Issue 21)

Michael Kinsley is a columnist at Vanity Fair, a New Yorker contributor, and the founder of Slate. In his most recent book he presents a potpourri of tasty morsels of clever and serious words about life, disease, and death. The essays comprising the book include some jokes, some thoughtful considerations of how to endure a serious disease, recommendations of how to live, and a knockdown argument.

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As Japan marks the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings by the United States, it’s well worth returning to the seminal article that laid the horrors of nuclear warfare before the world. John Hersey’s meticulous recreation of the moment the bomb hit Hiroshima, and his intertwined tales of victims,survivors and a shaken country, holds up 69 years after it was published.

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