Samuel Beckett

English: Sketch of Samuel Beckett Deutsch: Por...

English: Sketch of Samuel Beckett Deutsch: Porträtskizze von Samuel Beckett (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beckett in Love
Fintan O’Toole
April 2, 2015 Issue
The Letters of Samuel Beckett, Volume III: 1957–1965
edited and translated from the French by George Craig, and edited by Martha Dow Fehsenfeld, Dan Gunn, and Lois More Overbeck

Cambridge University Press, 771 pp, $50.00

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Read “Beckett’s Godot: A Bundle of Broken Mirrors”, written  for the North American Beckett Festival, at the University of Victoria, by clicking on the Beckett book.




Three by Beckett

English: Portrait on wood panel of Irish write...

English: Portrait on wood panel of Irish writer Samuel Beckett. Painted by Reginald Gray from life in Paris 1961. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s all over so quickly, and yet while you’re part of it, it seems it will never end. That’s a fair summing up of life, don’t you think?

It is also a fair description of the deeply sobering and equally intoxicating experience of the three short plays by Samuel Beckett that opened on Tuesday night at the Harvey Theater of the Brooklyn Academy of Music. There, a lone and improbably gifted Irish actress named Lisa Dwan is daring to shoulder what feels like all our human care and woes, from the cradle to the grave. – New York Times







Three of Samuel Beckett’s plays that will make you think are on the stage now.

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Celebration in Northern Ireland

ENNISKILLEN, Northern Ireland — Beckett in the theater, Beckett in the church. Beckett amidst the ruins. Beckett in the pub, community college, cinema, castle and hairdresser. Beckett even at the butcher, where a sign proclaims “Happy Days Food Festival” alongside “Fermanagh Black Bacon.”

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