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Dr. Nik Richers in an email: “I am still trying to decipher your stance on religion, humanism, and these sermons …  Some day I hope to figure out the Book of Bob (BOB).  :).” Nik and I haven’t met in the real world yet, only via electronic messaging. Some day we will tip a couple of pints and sort all of this out. In the meantime . . .

Here are links to two of the many talks I have given at the Nanaimo Unitarian Fellowship. (a very friendly place by the way)

  • Grow a Soul

    • “One of the attractions of the UU approach to religion and life is caught in the assertion that divinity and spirit are to be found not through blind faith but through finding and sending down roots to the deepest part of one’s unique self. As is true in botany, those roots spread out into the wider community and can nourish us and give us a healthy life. How do we know when we are living in the best place for those roots to grow? In so much as we do indeed “grow a soul” we should consider carefully the garden in which that soul  grows.”

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Sunday’s Sermon



Muslims and Islam are in the news everyday. Most of the commentary is thoughtless and fear driven. Two works that have actually helped me to understand the complexity of the conflict raging between the fundamentalists (Islamic) and the fundamentalists (Christian) are presented here for your consideration. First a link to my review of Heretic, a book that argues for reformation of Islam, and more interestingly, that such a reformation is possible.

And second, an important article by Zena Ryder, a PhD student in philosophy. Her article, “Secular Values can be Islamic Values” was published in the Humanist Perspectives magazine, Issue 193, Summer 2015, and is published here with the kind permission of the editor and the author.

If you are not a subscriber you may want to go here to purchase the issue, “Speaking of Humanism” or to subscribe.


“Secular Values can be Islamic Values” by Zena Ryder

I had a profound experience last night. You know that feeling when you skip the small talk and you feel a deep connection with another human being, as a human being? That’s what happened. But it was between what is perhaps an unlikely pair: on the one hand, myself, an outspoken atheist and, on the other hand, a teacher of Islam, whom I will call Hassan.

Click on this link to read the article: ZenaRyder

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