Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


Big topic in the news right now: sexual harassment in the work place – and every place! Hollywood, Washington DC, Alabama malls, TED, many places, many victims, many perps.

What is sexual harassment? Trying to get a clear notion I went to philosophy sites to find an answer.

Sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or sexually directed remarks constitute sexual harassment when submission to such conduct is made a condition of academic or employment decisions, or when such conduct persists despite its rejection.

Sexual harassment is a serious violation of professional ethics, and should be regarded and treated as such by members of the profession. Colleges and universities should supply clear, fair institutional procedures under which charges of sexual harassment on campus can be brought, assessed, and acted on. – from the APA

Next I checked with the “DAILYNOUS” the profession’s information and news site.

There I found reports of cases, lawsuits, and an interview with Ruth Chang.

Now I am asking friends and colleagues to submit articles on the topic. I’ll keep you posted!

NB: I am collecting the series here.

Light reading for the summer days

English: Gardner Hall at the University of Nor...

English: Gardner Hall at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please enjoy reading issues 16-18 of volume 2 of Ergo, An Open Access Journal of Philosophy:

"A Defense of the Harm-Based Solution to the Non-Identity Problem"
by Molly Gardner (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) in ethics

"Reasons and the First Person" by Kieran Setiya (MIT) in ethics

"Finality without Final Causes? – Suárez’s Account of Natural
Teleology" by Stephan Schmid (HU Berlin) in early modern philosophy

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