Camus between Augustine and Hegel

Camus’ Hellenic Heart, Between Augustine and HegelMatthew J Sharpe

This chapter for Adam Goldwyn and James Nikopoulos ed. *Brill’s Companion to Classical Reception in International Modernism and the Avant Garde* looks at Camus’ philhellenism, arguing that it is both what shapes his thought, and makes it singular in the post-war French scene.  In four parts, it looks at Camus’ early “Greece of the flesh”, rooted in his upbringing and education; Camus’ critique of political messianisms or theologies, based in his appeal to classical mesure, and a moderate philosophical scepticism; Camus’ “virtue ethics” and his critique of heroism, fidelity, and authenticity as ideals (as “secondary virtues”) in particular; then Camus’ cultivation of literature, “style,” and philiosophical self-writing in the Carnets as a way of life.

Happy Birthday, Bob!

This award still makes me proud!

Outstanding service award for campus leader.

“When Robert D. Lane retired from Malaspina University-College, his former students started the S.O.B. club – Students of Bob, to honour their former professor and carry on some of the discussions his lectures and teachings had inspired.

Now, after almost 40 years of outstanding service to Malaspina University-College (now Vancouver Island University) all the S.O.B.’s can celebrate because their former professor and mentor will be recognized with the Outstanding Service Award at the convocation ceremony on Tuesday, June 3.”


Full Title: Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth
Author / Editor: Reza Aslan

Review here.

When our first son was about four he went to play school one day and immediately went over to an easel. He stood there holding a brush ready to start painting. The teacher came up behind him and said, “What are you going to paint?”

“God,” he said.

“And do you know what God looks like?”

“I will when I finish the painting,” he said as he began to paint.

Review of a good book!

My grandson gave me a copy of this book for Christmas. He said “I realize the book is intended for younger readers, but you should read it too, because it’s so cool that we have scientists who can write and are on the best-seller list!”

Full Title: The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True
Author / Editor: Richard Dawkins

Read the review. And get the book!