Covid and its offspring

I have no idea why some people continue to BELIEVE that the vaccine is a farce and that they do not need to bother.

Why? Please help me understand this anti-science position.

I am an old person now, but I remember how our family waited and prayed for the polio vaccine.

What is different today?

We live across the street from an anti-vaxer who gave up his job because he refused to get the shots.

I just do not understand these folks! As a philosopher the free will argument makes no sense to me.

One of my former students quotes Robert Kennedy in defense of her anti-vaxer stance. Did I fail to teach her how to argue?

We just received our third shot for Covid19 as quickly as we could.

As John Dominic Crossan points out: “Just because the Bible says “Jesus is the Lamb of God,” it doesn’t follow that Mary had a little lamb.”

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Christmas is coming!

Trees, food, celebration, presents.

What does Christmas mean to you?

We seem to enjoy it for a number of reasons, but why do we continue to celebrate it? The story told in the New Testament by the Synoptics and the writers 50 to 75 years after Jesus has a few problems, it seems.

And did Jesus really want to establish a rich church to celebrate his life with costumes and riches?? And wasn’t the second coming supposed to be very soon – not thousands of years later?

It all seems so odd to me.

But presents?

I love presents.

Start your research with this essay.

Remembering Dr. John (Lex) Crane

Santa Barbara, CA is a beautiful place.

Long ago now I was the janitor at the Unitarian Church in Santa Barbara while attending UCSB. Lex was the minister at the Unitarian church, and some days when I was cleaning the church, Lex would be in his office working on a sermon.We would talk and became good friends. We were both veterans: Lex in WWII and I during the Korean war. We talked about everything: books, love, war, friendship, Unitarian beliefs, and so on – always interesting.

Later he wrote the foreword to my Bible book. And we visited each other.

Hiking near Santa Barbara.
Here we are with Lex, his wife and granddaughter enjoying a meal.

Dr. Lex Crane was a good friend. He is gone now, but I want to share a sermon of his with you. Lex died in 2015 at the age of 93.

Lex was a Unitarian minister with whom I argued on several pleasant occasions while I was the janitor at the church where he preached. He was a veteran of WW2 and an all-in-all good person. He wrote the intro to my book on the bible and visited us several times in Canada – where he had preached.

Go here for today’s sermon!


“Reading the Bible: Intention, Text, Interpretation”

Author:Robert D. Lane

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Book Description:This book argues that the best way to understand the stories of the Old and New Testaments is to consider them as human stories with sophisticated narrative techniques at play. God is a character in these stories from the beginning, and considering god as a character in a narrative proves fruitful in responding to the human voices of these stories.

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