Film studies

This conference aims to highlight the contribution of experimental films and video art to contemporary culture. For this purpose, one should emphasize the way in which experimental films and works of video art differ from paradigmatic films, as well as the way in which experimental film and video art, as appreciative categories, differ from one another.

Experimental Film, Video Art, and the Borders of Cinema

A British Society of Aesthetics Synergy Conference

Queen Mary University of London, November 5-6, 2020

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An opportunity to participate

The MURATOVA @ ST ANDREWS meeting will take place 2- 3:30 pm (GMT)on 8 April 2020. It will be open to all interested participants and it is scheduled in a way that we hope would allow for those who are in different countries  to take part. To register, please send a message with your name, affiliation and email address to Zofia Soch ( Upon registration and toward the end of the week Zofia Soch will send out the information about the materials for you to view as well as the invitation to the online meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you next Wednesday, to talk Muratova delights☺ Keep safe: Dina