From the archives comes this selection of newspaper columns which I wrote, starting in Coos Bay, and continuing in Nanaimo. The gig was this: I wrote a weekly column for the local newspaper about anything in the arts (widely conceived) that attracted my attention. Books, fine arts, sculpture, television, theatre, poetry, philosophy – most anything that was going on in the community. Some are from 1968. Some later.

Clicking on the links below will open the originals in PDF format. I will add to the list as time permits.

artsworld – Poetry/Mark Twain

artsworld2 – Science/Art in schools

artsworld3 – Means & Ends/Chaucer

artsworld4 – Opinions/Fairy Tale

artsworld5 – Aesthetic Judgments/Two Cultures

artsworld6 – Movies

artsworld7 – Robin Field/Books vs TV

artsworld8 – Babel/Emotions

artsworld9 – Measuring/Art is good for you

artsworld10 – Film/Words

artsworld11 – Chuck/Ben

artsworld12 – Painting/Carl Sagan

artsworld13 – TV/Monty Python

artsworld14 – Elephant Man/Star Trek

artsworld15 – Shakespeare/Kids

artsworld16 – Logic/Arts vs. Sports

artsworld17 – football/tv

artsworld18 – science/technology

artsworld19 – science/censorship

artsworld20 – grammar/children’s lit

artsworld21 – West Coast Trail



The review below was published in the Vancouver Sun. Fallout was my introduction to Canadian writers. Great introduction! Can you imagine buying a paperback in 2016 for $1.95???


EPSON scanner image