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Reflections on how I (Bob) got from being that kid on the horse to the young fresh-faced Marine to the old fart in the academic robes. I still find it weird to look at the kid in the picture and think “That’s me!”  On the way from there to here I have been a farm kid on a Colorado dry land wheat farm, a high school football and track star (in a small pond), a service station attendant, a grocery clerk, a Marine, an engineering student, a junior accountant, a grower of crystals, a construction laborer, a janitor at a Unitarian Church, a personnel supervisor, an insurance salesman, an English major, a Philosophy major, a TA twice, a columnist, an author, an actor, and a teacher of literature and philosophy. It’s been a wonderful life.

I will post various thoughts, ideas, and shared stuff that interests me.

Newspaper Story

Outstanding Service Award: Robert D. Lane

Robert (Bob) Lane began his career at Malaspina in the old hospital on Kennedy Street where he established himself as a committed teacher. Throughout his career as an English, Creative Writing, Arts, and Philosophy instructor, he has devoted many hours both in and outside the classroom.

Robert Lane is a great contributor and builder of cultural life at Malaspina and in Nanaimo. In addition to his regular teaching duties, he has been an active participant in the recruitment and advising of high school students, and also participated in theatre productions, poetry readings, and art shows. Robert Lane founded the Vancouver Island Literary Society and brought emerging poets to Malaspina. He was also the founder and managing editor of Island, a literary magazine. When Malaspina moved to Fifth Street, Mr. Lane was the Special Events Coordinator and was responsible for all the arts activity on campus.

Robert Lane has contributed significantly to programming at Malaspina. He designed, supported, and coordinated new interdisciplinary courses while pursuing his interest in philosophy at the University of California-Santa Barbara and Simon Fraser University. Subsequently, Mr. Lane founded the Philosophy Department at Malaspina. In addition to supporting his students, he supported his colleagues by holding many administrative positions, including Area Chair (today’s equivalent of Dean).

Now retired, Robert Lane continues to be engaged with Malaspina and the community as a writer and scholar, delivering public lectures and papers, as well as writing reviews and chapbooks. He is one of the founding instructors of Malaspina who placed, above all, the education of students as Malaspina University-College’s first priority. – VIU news

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