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Book Reviews Challenges to Science
Secular Philosophy Near Death Experiences
The Meaning of Life
Ray Bradley
Mark Twain and the
Innocents Abroad
Deconstructing Pretense So It Goes
Understanding ID – Forrest What is Philosophy About? Stan Gatlovitch
Evolutionary Biology
Reed Cartwright
On How Things Are
Education and the State
Maxine Greene
Language and Morality
Joseph Poulshock
Judge Jones – Kitzmiller v. Dover School District Deep Structure of Morality Frances Kamm
Top 10 Myths about Evolution Descartes, Design – Dennett
The Absurd Hero – Lane Amnesty – McMahan
Obligation – Lane Explanation – Carrie Jenkins
Dennett on Darwin What About Bob?
Ian Johnston
Logic – Ray Bradley F/G Interview
Euthanasia or here in HTML
Terrorism   Logical Fallacies
Redneck Reading the Bible