Covid and its offspring

I have no idea why some people continue to BELIEVE that the vaccine is a farce and that they do not need to bother.

Why? Please help me understand this anti-science position.

I am an old person now, but I remember how our family waited and prayed for the polio vaccine.

What is different today?

We live across the street from an anti-vaxer who gave up his job because he refused to get the shots.

I just do not understand these folks! As a philosopher the free will argument makes no sense to me.

One of my former students quotes Robert Kennedy in defense of her anti-vaxer stance. Did I fail to teach her how to argue?

We just received our third shot for Covid19 as quickly as we could.

As John Dominic Crossan points out: “Just because the Bible says “Jesus is the Lamb of God,” it doesn’t follow that Mary had a little lamb.”

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One thought on “Covid and its offspring

  1. I am coming to understand that hypocrisy is a potent political tool. If a leader’s statements are obviously contradictory, and the game is for others to nod and say “yes!” to each thing they say even though their statements are irreconcilable, they can never be held accountable. Not only do they not have to be good; they don’t even have to make sense. This frees them to say anything they like, and anything they say excites the crowd. Just as it works for leaders, it works for followers. What they “get out” of this, I suppose, is a shortcut to power. From their perspective: Sad dupes and losers are studying with their heads in books, trying their hardest to “make sense” or “be accurate” or “be ethical”! Who cares about that stuff! Smart people say “whatever” and seize power in the moment! They “win” by spouting word salad loudly and rapidly. Maybe it feels like winning to them. When they are intentionally hypocritical, each time they say “It’s up!” or “It’s down!,” they feel like they’re winning. Because winning to them does not depend on making sense. It just depends on saying stuff to gain dominance in the micro-second media spot. They can contradict themselves within the same two-minute TV segment and it works out for them.


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