Remembering Dr. John (Lex) Crane

Santa Barbara, CA is a beautiful place.

Long ago now I was the janitor at the Unitarian Church in Santa Barbara while attending UCSB. Lex was the minister at the Unitarian church, and some days when I was cleaning the church, Lex would be in his office working on a sermon.We would talk and became good friends. We were both veterans: Lex in WWII and I during the Korean war. We talked about everything: books, love, war, friendship, Unitarian beliefs, and so on – always interesting.

Later he wrote the foreword to my Bible book. And we visited each other.

Hiking near Santa Barbara.
Here we are with Lex, his wife and granddaughter enjoying a meal.

Dr. Lex Crane was a good friend. He is gone now, but I want to share a sermon of his with you. Lex died in 2015 at the age of 93.

Lex was a Unitarian minister with whom I argued on several pleasant occasions while I was the janitor at the church where he preached. He was a veteran of WW2 and an all-in-all good person. He wrote the intro to my book on the bible and visited us several times in Canada – where he had preached.

Go here for today’s sermon!

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