Friends #3

Bob and Bob: I don’t know how many times we answered for the other! Once upon a time we had a newly minted teacher and we were relentless. Roll call was a hoot – we would answer for each other or when the teacher wasn’t looking we would leave the home room and come in again – screwing with the head count. On occasion we were caught out and sent to see the principal, Mr. McNaughton. He was a good guy, really, and I don’t think he ever figured out that we had written some stuff on his car while we were out cruising the town.

He, like so many adults, would forgive us most things because we were athletes. We had respect for him. Maybe because he was strong as an ox! Once he grabbed me by the arm and picked me up in the gym when I was screwing around. He could get your attention! He also taught a history course and it was good. He had been in the war and on occasion told us some war stories.

When we lettered in football we had to go thru an awful initiation which included walnut races, duck walking naked, and other indignities (no longer allowed) but loved by the upper class men.

Boys Varsity Football - Wray High School - Wray, Colorado - Football - Hudl
On the field.

Bob’s Letter Sweater.

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