Old friends are special. Even if you do not see them often for whatever reasons. Bob Davis and I were friends from an early age. We did some crazy things from time to time: racing cars on the highway, playing jokes on other kids, talking and laughing in class, getting in trouble with the principal – you know the kind of stuff I mean. But, there was a strong relationship that we had. Evidenced by the fact that we developed and used our own private language. “Ton-jay-vous” was the key phrase, and depending on context it carried an enormous amount of information!

We loved sports and girls. We played football and were track stars (you know: small school stars). We loved movies and girls. We got in trouble on occasion, but never hurt anyone. I almost shot a duck hunter once when we were on our way to our duck blind set up on the farm by the big lagoon. Luckily he spoke up “Are you pointing that gun at me?” before I fired!

Mostly I remember the times we spent at his place in town. We were friends. Talking about the past with Bob was always fun – we may have exaggerated from time to time, but we were always ready to help each other. Good friends; buddies!

So, ton-Jay-vous old friend!

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