After turning 85 I noticed that I spent a few minutes a day remembering stuff from the past. I am going to write about a few of those key memories, whether you readers like them or not!

First up: Bob Davis. Bob was a good friend from grade school until today. We do not communicate much anymore because of travel restrictions and the fact that we live in different countries, but we are still life-long friends. Bob is a bit older than me. We were together a fair amount as kids. He stayed with me on the farm = wrestling in the hay loft – and I with him in town. His Mom worked in the hot lunch program, where, because of her, both Bobs also worked. That provided us with extra chow and a way to interact with everyone in the school during lunch time.

As young males turned loose on the town at night we did some weird things!

For example we used to walk around the town looking for trouble. One odd trick we had was meeting a new kid we would engage in conversation and then, in the dark, pee on the kids trousers while talking. I know, stupid, eh?

We were also fairly good athletes. Bob was better than me, but we were both involved in football and track, Bob also was a good basketball player. Once when we were young we creeped into the rich Grigsby’s yard so we could see if the girls were getting ready for bed. What we saw (about 1949) was amazing: they had a television set in their living room – and it was ON! We were amazed by the picture, and riveted to the window watching people flitter across the screen!

Later we each served in the USMC during and after the Korean “conflict”.

We were best friends.

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