I recently turned 85. Who new I would make it on Earth for that long? High school football and track, run away bad boy, Korean war, marriage, kids, work, degrees, teaching as a career, retirement and Blogging!

It has been great: mostly good health, good friends, good job, good colleagues, good family – no complaints.

Some ceremony (like above) but mostly work and play. 85 years of work and play! Started playing early and started working early. Many an hour on the Case tractor as a kid working away while singing and dreaming. Loved teaching and learning, liked bs-ing with colleagues, arguing, lecturing, marking papers, hiring people (mostly good people), getting in trouble, a couple of fights, finding my way through life and its many detours, receiving a few honours, meeting new friends, (still have a few friends who long ago were students in my classes) trying to deal with kids and grand-kids – in other words LIFE.

Near the beginning with Mom and Beth.

It has been great!

Check this out. And this.

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