Some time ago now Deborah Lane urged Karen and me to consider moving into their home from the retirement home we were living in. As covid raged across the land the move seemed a wise thing to do. We have lived with Steve and Deborah for a year now. Some thoughts about the move:

  1. First let me say the food is great. Delicious suppers and lots of milk to drink! (Believe it or not but I do not drink much alcohol anymore.)
  2. The rooms we have are comfortable, warm, easy to clean and we sleep comfortably.
  3. We seem, for the most part, to live separate lives. We do share supper together – always varied and delicious – but for much of the day we go our own way. Walking in our old neighbourhood, socially distanced, and more and more making and keeping doctor appointments.
  4. Supper time conversations are rich and interesting, although Karen has some hearing problems, and I get lost from time to time, leading to some laughable moments as I am somewhat of a buffoon!
  5. After one year, I can say: it was a wise move.
  6. It seems we are happy and well-fed in our new place.
  7. Thanks. And Happy Anniversary!
  8. PS: Angelina, the cat, likes us both!

4 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. Lucky you Bob, with good food, good company and a cozy place to be. Being a really good Dad and father-in-law clearly pays off. I am glad to hear that all is well. As for not hearing very well, I broke my wrist in Aug. and it took a very long time for them to figure it out. But finally, in Feb., they put a cast on and the surgeon put in a prescription for an ultrasound device for me. I got a phone call one day from someone who spoke quite quietly and said he was calling about my scaphoid bone injury, but I thought he said my skate board injury, so I told him that he had the wrong person. That I hadn’t broken my wrist skate boarding but grocery shopping. There was a moment’s silence and then he said, very slowly and very precisely, that he hadn’t said skating boarding injury but scaphoid bone injury. Poor man, I couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the conversation. He probably thought this poor old dear, she has completely lost it.

    Stay well.



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