Doug Rirosky #3

Doug and Callie had a garden in the back yard. I remember digging it up one Spring as a surprise for them. They raised vegetables for the table. Callie prepared the best fried chicken EVER (as my Grandson would say – letting the word drag on for EVER!) They had two beautiful daughters and three sons. Callie worked in the school system preparing hot lunches for school kids. She was an attractive and vibrant women loved by our kids.

After we left Santa Barbara we tried to stay in touch, but soon the letters stopped. The Riroskies were good friends, good teachers, good people, and we all learned from them.

I tried calling them from Canada later. Callie remembered me, but Doug’s health was deteriorating and he had some memory problems. Soon after he died leaving me with memories of a good man who walked the earth with pride and was a good friend, who helped me and my family in many ways.

I have always been proud to call Doug Rirosky – friend!

“It was middle school, eighth grade, when a sheltered 13-year-old boy suddenly found himself immersed in an unfamiliar world, guided by a girl who wasn’t much older, a girl on the verge of leading a religious movement,” writes host Ramtin Arablouei.

“The boy was me. The girl, Lauren Oya Olamina, is, of course, the main character in Octavia Butler’s classic science fiction novel Parable of the Sower.”

Hear the episode here!

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