Canadian Thanksgiving

Traditions of giving thanks long predate the arrival of European settlers in North America. First Nations across Turtle Island have traditions of thanksgiving for surviving winter and for receiving crops and game as a reward for their hard work. These traditions may include feasting, prayer, dance, potlatch, and other ceremonies, depending on the peoples giving thanks.

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When it comes to European thanksgivings in Canada, we have a few tales to tell. Go here to read about them!

Personally? Like many Canadians, I’m sure, we overate on a beautiful meal of turkey and all the trimmings – including pumpkin pie with whipped cream – along with several family members at a joy filled meal prepared by Deborah and Steven.

Stories, laughs, careful hugs and food – oh my, the food!

All are healthy, busy, loving. So much to be thankful for.


PS The most recent date change to the second Monday in October was largely a result of the first and second world wars, which we officially remember each year on November 11, Remembrance Day. This was so that the two holidays would not fall on the same weekend.

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