“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” – Aristotle (the reviewer’s favourite Aristotle quote)

“John Russon is one of the best phenomenologists in contemporary philosophy. He uses the phenomenological method to cast light on some of the most important issues in our lives. In this book, Russon offers a sensitive description of what it is like to navigate the world as an adult, displaying the ways in which adulthood involves a development of our relations with the world, one another, and ourselves. In doing so, he allows us to see afresh the ways in which our lives unfold over time.” – Todd May

In the appendix of the book, Russon writes: “This book, Adult Life, completes the Human Life trilogy, begun in Human Experience (2003) and continued in Bearing Witness to Epiphany (2009). Like those works, it is not intended as a work of academic scholarship but as a traditional form of philosophical reflection. As such, it relies not on specialized knowledge but on insight, reasoning, and the evidence of experience, all of which are resources that any reasonably well-informed and reasonably self-reflective reader can in principle bring to it.”

In other words, the book is one that non-philosophers will benefit from reading – it requires no special philosophical training to understand the journey – much like life itself.

Read Bob’s review.

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