Dear friends of UPJA,

We’re very pleased to announce the publication of Volume 2! Please find it attached or on our website.

Our level of engagement for this volume far surpassed that of Volume 1. We received 75 submissions, a roughly 150% increase from the previous volume, from authors in 49 different institutions across 13 countries. We also had 22 excellent student referees from a range of institutions in Australasia. We are particularly proud of the fact that 57% percent of those who submitted a paper or refereed for us identify as a member of an underrepresented group in philosophy.

We hope that the journal will become a platform for undergraduate papers of the highest quality. To that end, we uphold a rigorous standard and commit to publishing only the best papers. With an acceptance rate of 4%, we are confident that the three papers published in this volume represent some of the best work done by undergraduate students worldwide. On the other hand, we also strive to make the journal as accessible as possible by providing feedback to a vast majority of the submissions. We are proud of the fact that although only 3 out of the 75 submissions were selected for publication, 60 of them received detailed and constructive referee reports.

Two of the three papers in this volume are on social philosophy, and the third is on Chinese philosophy. In Pornography and Other Recorded Speech Acts, Jasper Friedrich (University of Aberdeen) builds an account of recorded speech acts to defend Rae Langton’s application of Speech Act Theory to pornography against an objection from Jennifer Saul. In Sexual Desire and Sexual Perversion, Kristina Dukoski (University of Toronto) provides new analyses of those two titular concepts, both of which focus on the reciprocal status of potential ‘pleasant sexual partners’ as agential beings. And in Reconceptualising Confucian Freedom: The Role of Xin in Mediation, Ang Wei Xiang (Nanyang Technological University) challenges Li Chenyang’s approach to Confucian freedom, arguing that we should pay greater attention to the act of choosing itself, rather than whether one chooses the good.

We are delighted to announce the winners of our two prizes for Volume 2. Best Paper goes to Jasper Friedrich, and Best Paper (Member of an Underrepresented Group in Philosophy) goes to Kristina Dukoski. Congratulations to you both! These prizes are generously funded by the Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP).

AAP’s continued support for the journal has been invaluable. We are grateful that AAP has agreed to increase its funding for us this year and are very excited that one of our editors will soon be on its Undergraduate Committee. Our partnership with Minorities and Philosophy also complements our efforts to promote inclusivity and diversity. We’d like to acknowledge all the support we have received from our faculty advisors, Associate Professor Stephanie Collins (Australian Catholic University), Assistant Professor Sandra Leonie Field (Yale-NUS), and Dr Carolyn Mason (University of Canterbury).

If you are interested in hearing about our call for papers and referee applications for Volume 3, please look out for our upcoming emails, or visit our Facebook page and website. We will be opening paper submissions and referee applications in late August. 

Kida, Matt, Rory, and Anita

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