2 thoughts on “The Agora

  1. You already have the Institute for Practical Philosophy at VIU, so I am sure an evening of short philosophy papers could be done under its banner in town. I’m in (assuming I’d be invited …)!

    Some suggested topics:

    – The nature of evil (cf. your Sunday sermon on Hannah Arendt)
    – “To see a World in a Grain of Sand” (how much mileage CAN you get out of Blake?)
    – Camus on suicide (Well …)
    – Can’t do Kant (when categorical imperatives bead off your understanding like you have duck feathers)
    – Do governments have the right to spy on you? Should you defend yourself?
    – Speed philosophy! (2 minutes is all you get!)*

    The topics themselves are only part of it. Time-boxed philosophy is performative … and we need settings! We should have at least one session on a beach somewhere … and there are quite a few landmarks in Nanaimo that could make this a one-off.

    One request: Could we perhaps start earlier and not make it an all-nighter? I don’t think Nanaimo is quite ready for this, unless there is an after-hours speakeasy somewhere 🙂

    *Cf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCsfHVM5x_I&index=3&list=PLooXvjsDDVu3vs0RBgjJ5o-DOjQOh-tHq

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    • Excellent comment! I agree; I have sent the link to Carolyn and Robert to determine their interest. An all-nighter would be difficult. I cannot stay up beyond 2100.


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