Bob Lane, Professor Emeritus

Bob Lane has taught literature and philosophy at the college level for thirty-three years. He has been a high school dropout, a marine, a service station attendant, a farm hand, a grocery clerk, a personnel supervisor, a junior accountant, an electronics technician, a small press editor, a construction laborer, a book reviewer, and a teacher. He is the author of Reading the Bible: Intention, Text, Interpretation and a book of short stories, Redneck.

He came to Malaspina College as one of the first faculty in 1969. He was an active participant in the recruitment and advising of high school students and the founding member of (and for years, the only member of) the Malaspina Philosophy department.

Lane was also the Founding Director of the Institute of Practical Philosophy, which is still an active player in community issues and contemporary moral issues.

Lane also founded the Vancouver Island Literary Society and brought up-and-coming poets, including Michael Ondaatje, to Malaspina. He was also the founder and managing editor of Island, a literary magazine. When Malaspina moved to Fifth Street, Lane was the Special Events Coordinator and responsible for activity in all the arts on campus.

“My proudest moments are those where students were involved in intellectual and artistic expressions while in the community,” he said.

Lane was also a great contributor to programming courses at Malaspina. He designed, supported, and coordinated new interdisciplinary courses while pursuing his interest in philosophy at the University of California-Santa Barbara and at Simon Fraser University. Subsequently, he founded the Philosophy department at Malaspina. In addition to his devotion to his students, he supported his colleagues in many administrative positions, including Area Chair (the equivalent of Dean) and President of the Faculty Association.

Since retiring Bob has served as a commissioner on the Nanaimo Parks, Recreation, and Culture Board. He has continued to read and review books and to write stories and poems as well as write for and edit Episyllogism, a philosophy Blog.

When asked about this award he replied, “June is an important month in my life. I first heard about Malaspina College in June, 1969; received an Outstanding Service Award in June, 2008; and will be celebrating 65 years of marriage with Karen Lane in June 2020!”

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