Kayo #5 – back together

After some time Bob and his Mom convinced Ott that Kayo should join them. Bob had overheard his Mom talking to her new husband: “I think we should let Bobby have the dog. He has a tough enough time with a new school, looking for new friends, and adjusting to his new life. It would help if he had his dog with him.”

“His dog” – that sounded so great. He went around the house saying “I wish my dog could come” just loud enough to be heard as he walked by his “parents”. Soon his new Dad said at the dinner table, “Let’s call Hank and have him bring the dog up to stay – he’s probably sick of him by now.” Mom had worked her magic and Kayo would soon be there.

So, his Mom called long distance and arranged for the dog delivery that Saturday night after Hank got off work.

Hank arrived late – about 11 o’clock and decided to leave the dog in the car. He woke early in the morning to return home – a 4 hour drive – went out to get Kayo out of the car and discovered that Kayo had pretty much destroyed the back seat trying to exit the car!

“God Damned dog. It will be good to get rid of you.” Bob feared that Hank and Ott would be angry and would punish Kayo, but actually they both looked at the damage and started laughing! “

My fault, I shouldn’t have left him in the car. He didn’t do too much damage.” After a bit of cleanup Hank had some breakfast and then took off for home. He had to get back to his family and job.

Cowboy Bobby

Things had changed on the farm, and, as promised, a few farm animals were now living with them! Bobby had a horse to ride! That was exciting! And now with Kayo joining him he didn’t cry himself to sleep every night. His four year old sister, Beth, was growing and playing and enjoying her new home. She was young enough to easily forget her earlier home and adjust easily to her new father, who loved her and spoiled her. She was happy and healthy. Bob, however, still thought about his REAL father a lot and kept hoping he would show up and take him back to the past.

But, that would not happen, and Bob soon started to enjoy his new life on the farm, his new school – where he had been moved ahead a grade because of his skill in reading and arithmetic – and the excitement of having Kayo – the real friend – back in his life. His Mom seemed happy. His little sister was growing into a real person. His step-father was OK. All in all it wasn’t too bad. Farm life might be all right.

Only one problem: Kayo could not live in the house! Ott was clear about that, “Dogs live outside on the farm. Not in the house!”

So, they built him a dog house, put straw in to keep him off the ground, and Bob talked with Kayo for hours to explain the new arrangement.

A bearded Bob visits the farm in 2005.

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