Sexual harrassment – repost

Back by request. Some interesting observations.

Sexual Harassment

  1. Sexual Harassment Introduction
  2. Two Reflections on Sexual Harassment
  3. A Lawyer’s Thoughts
  4. A Nurse’s Thoughts
  5. A Student’s Report
  6. CJR: read the report.
  7. Time person of the year cover for 2017
  8. A professor shares her experiences.
  9. Yin and Yang.
  10. Timed to coincide with International Women’s Day, the Times on Thursday launched “Overlooked,” a series dedicated to telling the stories of women whose contributions went unmentioned in their era. That some of these women—Sylvia Plath, Ida B. Wells, Charlotte Bron—weren’t recognized at the time of their death is, frankly, incredible. But their absence from the paper of record serves as a powerful reminder of the challenges women have, and continue, to face.

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