by Bob Lane © 2015

The pastor gave two readings that Sunday morning at the Lutheran church. First he read from one of the psalms:

Even the sparrow finds a home,

      and the swallow a nest for herself,

      where she may lay her young,

      at your altars, O LORD of hosts,

     my King and my God.

   He explained how the meaning of the psalm was clear. “If the Lord can find a nest for a mere sparrow, which is, after all, a nuisance bird,” he said from the pulpit waving his arms above his head, “ then how much more he must love his special creation, man.”  He continued:

     For I will restore health unto thee,

      and I will heal thee of thy wounds,

      saith the LORD.

And again he explained what it meant. “If the Lord God looks after the birds of the fields, then don’t you think He will take care of those made in His image? The Lord thy God is a merciful God, He is always waiting with open arms for you sinners to embrace him through the Holy Ghost.” He is the healing God. As the Bible says, “I have heard thy prayer, I will heal thee.”

As they left the church and started the drive home to the farm, Bob could hear his Mom in the front seat.

“That was a nice sermon.”

”Yeah, I guess so,” said his step-dad. “But it’s hard to believe all that stuff about healing when you think about it.”

“It was nice.”

“Everything is nice for you.”

“You know what I mean, for heaven’s sake.”

“Umm. Are we goin’ home now?”

“No, we are going to stop at the Renkes’ house. Remember?”

“Oh, yeah. Do the kids know?”

The kids. Bob and Beth were in the back seat of the Ford, sitting quietly for the time. They didn’t often sit quietly. At five Beth was just beginning to awaken to the world of language. New words and new constructions of words were fun for her. And she practiced all the time.

“Can’t you be quiet?” he said more often than any other sentence.

But she really could not be quiet. She was excited about the words themselves, excited by the sounds that tumbled from her mouth, excited by the way people listened and reacted. She was learning to talk, and she needed to practice.

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