Kayo #1

Once upon a time my Mom and Dad and their four kids lived in a rented house – a nice place in a big city with a small lawn in the front and plenty of rooms. I cannot say more about it because I was born there at home and was quite unaware of the place except that is where I ate and slept.
A couple of stories from those early days:

Lying in my crib and crying and fussing was one of my favorite pastimes. Under my crib lay Kayo, our police dog (aka German Shepherd). When in the house Kayo would sleep under my crib giving the illusion we were partners in a bunk bed sleeping arrangement, Kayo on the bottom bunk cause he was older. One day after settling down for a nap Kayo was wakened by my cries. He waited for a bit for me to shut up, or for someone to come and remove me. Neither happened. So, Kayo got up, went outside, dug up a bone in the front yard and came back into the house. He came up to the crib, raised up and deposited the bone in my crib. I started to suck on it and shut up. Kayo crawled back under the crib and resumed his nap.

After I started to walk about a bit Mom had put me in the front yard to play while she was busy in the house. Kayo would lie on the front porch with his nose sticking out of the open screen door and watch me while I played. Our next door neighbour was a doctor who was a friendly fellow. As I was about to make my escape onto the sidewalk the doc saw me and was going to surprise me by coming up behind me to catch me, pick me up, and deposit me back in the yard. Just as he was about to reach for me Kayo struck. He didn’ t puncture skin but he sure got the doctor’s attention.

NB – Picture of a later dog, Keisha, in the featured image.

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