Kayo #1

Once upon a time my Mom and Dad and their four kids lived in a rented house – a nice place in a big city with a small lawn in the front and plenty of rooms. I cannot say more about it because I was born there at home and was quite unaware of the place except that is where I ate and slept.
A couple of stories from those early days: I am told by other family members that our dog, Kayo, looked after me when I was in my crib. If I would start crying, he would go and get a bone and drop it in my crib. I would chew happily on it and eventually go to sleep. This story was told and retold as I grew older and may explain why Kayo and I were such good buddies all through his life.
When I was a toddler, with two older sisters and one older brother, I used to toddle outside in the front and play. Kayo would be on the porch with his eyes on me to keep me from getting in trouble. Mom told him to watch me, be sure I did not go out into the street or be snatched by some kidnapper. Kayo followed orders.
One morning I was outside in front playing and Kayo was on duty. Our next-door neighbour, a doctor, was headed off to work when he saw me and thought he would play a joke on me. He crept up from behind and was going to grab me from behind and pick me up giving me a friendly scare.
Just as the doc reached out to grab me Kayo struck. He had the doc by the leg. The doc cried out and Mom came running to see what was going on. She called off Kayo. I was fine. The doc was not badly hurt. He explained his intended joke, apologized, and went to work. Mom picked me up and the three of us went back in the house – new owners of a great dog story.

NB – Picture of a later dog, Keisha, in the featured image.

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