Looking back

An exchange of ideas and talent between The Nanaimo Theater Group and the College’s Theater Department has over the years proved beneficial for all members of the community with improved productions, sharing of facilities, and joint efforts throughout the years.

One of the first performances on record is a reading theater production of Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano on Sunday afternoon, December 14, 1969, in old room 108 at the old hospital. The cast for the modified reading theater production was:

Jerry Maedel Mr. Martin

Peggy Mathias Mrs. Martin

John Wardel the Fire Chief

Ron Mumford Mr. Smith

Sharyn Pilotte Mrs. Smith

Suzanne Van den Heuvel Mary the Maid
[Any of you still around??]

The Sun (Vancouver, December 18, 1969) reviewed the production:

All of the readers did a good job. Their timing, volume, vocal quality, and ability to project were excellent, allowing for a smooth and polished performance…. John Wardill, as The Fire Chief, and Peggy Mathias, as Mrs. Martin, delivered standout performances. Each is blessed with an excellent voice (Peggy’s is more feminine) and each used his voice to portray the parts of those two Ionesco characters.

A young Steve Lane was the lighting technician for the performance which was seen by just over fifty people.

It was a long way from those humble beginnings in a classroom, with a floor lamp providing all of the lighting , to the opening of the College Theater with a lavish production of Jean Anouilh’s Ring Around the Moon on Friday, October 29, 1976, at 8:00 p.m. in the 298 seat, fully lighted, professional and instructional theater.

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