3 thoughts on “Quiz Time

  1. I knew all 15 answers, and what was interesting for me about this exercise was that it brought up personal memories of where I learned the information. I grew up Jewish, so I am fairly well versed in stories from Genesis and Exodus and continue to draw from them in my own writing and art, and I certainly know when the Sabbath begins and recognize the names of extra-Biblical sacred works. As a teenager, I read introductory texts about Buddhism. In college, I became curious about Christianity and Islam and I took a yoga class from a Sikh teacher. While the 15 pieces of multi-faith cultural/historical information in this quiz are not necessary to reason and function in society, they have all played roles in my life, and I feel that something about my formation as an individual would be significantly different if I had not at some point in my life encountered the answer to one or more of those questions.

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