BC Minister’s statement on youth vaping report

Adrian Dix, Minister of Health, has released the following statement on the call for action from the Canadian Cancer Society on youth vaping:

“As B.C.’s Minister of Health, I strongly agree with the call to action by the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) to address the increase in youth vaping.

“The CCS call was based on a recent study published in the British Medical Journal by Prof. David Hammond of the University of Waterloo.

“Prof. Hammond’s conclusion reflects our information on the growth and impact of youth vaping.

“Our government in March and again in May, as part of a federal government consultation on the issue, has recommended federal regulatory action in the following four areas:

  1. restricting the concentration and delivery of nicotine;
  2. restriction to the promotion and sale of flavoured vaping products;
  3. restrictions on advertising of vaping products;
  4. measures aimed at reducing youth appeal of the vaping device itself.

“We have also endorsed the implementation of six measures noted in the recent federal consultation paper:

  1. Requiring that online retailers post information advising prospective customers that the sale of vaping and tobacco products are restricted to persons of legal age;
  2. Requiring two-step age verification for online retailing, like the age verification system in place in B.C. for online cannabis ordering;
  3. Requiring that packages containing vaping or tobacco products bear a prescribed label that reads ‘Age verification required at delivery’;
  4. Requiring a signature upon delivery and prohibiting packages from being left on doorsteps;
  5. Restricting delivery to prescribed carriers; and
  6. Restricting online retailing to retailers that utilize third-party age-verification services.

“B.C. also stands ready to introduce its own initiatives should federal action be delayed. Obviously, it is our preference to work with other jurisdictions and the federal government on joint action. 

“In addition, we will be working with youth across B.C. to establish youth-led efforts to curb vaping among young people.

“I want to thank the Canadian Cancer Society and Prof. Hammond for their report today.”

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