SS: YouTube and philosophy

The Atlantic article!

Wikipedia reports:
Natalie Wynn is an American YouTube personality and director who specializes in comedic and educational videos about gender, race, politics, philosophy, and social justice on her channel named ContraPoints. Wynn’s videos have been praised for their use of lighting, costume, and nuanced, ironic sense of humour. Wikipedia

This is the subtle difference between Wynn and many of her prominent YouTube counterparts on the right—the ones who summon their opponents to the arena of debate, hungry for victory and for the cheers of their supporters. Contra does her makeup, dons her pearls, and invites her opponents and her viewers into the parlor for cocktails and conversation. The talk isn’t quite a heart-to-heart. Contra’s burns are scorching, her satire precise, and many of her arguments reduce her opponents’ positions to rubble. But somehow, when she does it, the effect is humanizing rather than bullying. She’s flirting, not fighting.

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