From the current VIU research report:

Blogging and reviewing: the academic life of a retired professor.

Professor Emeritus, Philosophy and Religious Studies

Since retiring in 2000, Bob Lane has continued his academic interests by writing reviews for “metapsychology” (about 125 book reviews) and blogging about philosophy, literature, and current events. Reviews here:

He is most proud of the fact that he has included several former and current students as authors of a series of letters on various topics including sexual harassment, letters from South America, and letters from Japan. The letters are collected here: https://boblane.com/series/.

Bob has also presented for the Institute of Practical Philosophy which he founded several years ago as a way of bringing contemporary social issues into the community. His blog has over 450 members and about 5,000 posts which are also shared on the Facebook page, Episyllogism (https://www.facebook.com/ippepi).

Two VIU philosophy graduates are contributing to the Blog. Also contributing are community members who are lawyers, nurses, retired teachers and current students at VIU.

Robert D. Lane was interviewed by Laureano Ralón on April 1st, 2016 for Figure/Ground:

“Robert D. Lane is an emeritus professor of philosophy from Vancouver Island University in Canada, where he taught literature and philosophy for 31 years. Lane was the founder of the Philosophy department at VIU (then Malaspina College). As the institution grew, he became the founding director of VIU’s Institute of Practical Philosophy, which is still an active player today in community issues and contemporary moral issues. Since retiring in 2000, Lane has served on the Nanaimo Parks, Recreation and Culture Board.

He also authored a book entitled Reading the Bible: Intention, Text, Interpretation, a book of short stories, REDNECK, and founded the philosophy blog Episyllogism.”

  • Source: Ralón, L. (2016). “Interview with Bob Lane,” Figure/Ground. April 1st.

Read the complete interview here: http://figureground.org/interview-with-robert-d-lane/

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