Samuel Beckett – cbc

Beckett and Giacometti on the set of Waiting for Godot

Back in the 1970s John Marshall and I went to the UK on holiday. We saw some plays, ran into Shakespeare Professor Homer (Murph) Swander after a play in London, and we saw Not I by Samuel Beckett. Over the years I have read and taught Beckett to several University classes – always an enjoyable activity.

Today in my email I received a note from another former student, Colin Whyte, who sent a link to a recent CBC programme on, guess who, Samuel Beckett! Listen to it here. It is good.

Over the years I have posted about Beckett many times (do a search from the home page) if you are interested. One here!

To sum up: Beckett speaks to me.

2 thoughts on “Samuel Beckett – cbc

  1. “Irish-born Samuel Beckett was one of the most important and influential writers of the last century.

    His plays changed our notion of theatre. His novels and short stories created a new kind of fiction, a fearless examination of human anxiety which leads to profound expressions of hope.

    He may be the most pertinent writer for our age, as we struggle to find meaning and purpose in absurd and chaotic post-truth times.” – from the CBC discussion


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