5 thoughts on ““Hidden Figures”

  1. It is one of those movies that teaches the audience some interesting facts, but in doing so is rather dull – sort of like some philosophy lectures. 😉


  2. Not your lectures, Bob. They were almost always upbeat and sometimes crazy!

    The movie “Hidden Figures” (what a perfect title) does a public service by highlighting the racism in the USA. It would be a good movie to show in class to engage people in a discussion of sexism, racism, and whateverism!


  3. More info: “NASA’s chief historian, Bill Barry, explains that the film, which has been nominated for a slew of awards, depicts many real events from their lives. “One thing we’re frequently asked,” he says, “is whether or not John Glenn actually asked for Katherine Johnson to ‘check the numbers.'” The answer is yes: Glenn, the first American in orbit and later, at the age of 77, the oldest man in space, really did ask for Johnson to manually check calculations generated by IBM 7090 computers (the electronic kind) churning out numbers at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.”


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