One thought on “Can philosophy be phun?

  1. Makes sense to me! –
    But the point is for an exam to present them with a menu of possibilities. Then, their experience of an exam, especially of a final exam, is not one of authoritary and fear, but of possibility and of choice. The final exam is supposed to be an opportunity for them to exercise their intellectual curiosity.

    And the results are delightful. I get a steady stream of students coming up to me after the final exam, with a vague look of pleasant bewilderment on their faces, to confess to me that they had, against all expectation, enjoyed the exam. They tell me they found it interesting, that they had fun, that they found the questions exciting and thought-provoking. Sometimes they wanted to meet with me later to talk about the exam questions, just to find out more. I hear students in the hallways after the exam still working out what the answer should be. They leave excited, with their appetites whetted for more.


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