Hello all! I am a representative from the blog of the American Philosophical Association. We are hosting an Undergraduate Philosophy Competition. We are accepting submissions that relate to public philosophy from undergraduate philosophy students. We accepting submissions now until Dec. 20th.

 The Winner of said competition will win a $500 cash prize, free membership for a year, and their submission will get published on the blog. A PDF that gives more details on the competition is attached to this email.

If you are a professor we would really appreciate passing this message along to your students. Thank you so much.
The APA Blog Team

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APA Blog Undergraduate Public Philosophy Award
The Blog of the American Philosophical Association is holding a public philosophy writing contest for undergraduate philosophy students, sponsored by the University of Massachusetts-Lowell and the Hi-Phi Nation podcast.
The winner of the contest will receive a prize of $500, APA membership for one year, and publication on the APA Blog. The runner up will receive a prize of $100 and publication on the APA Blog. Other runners-up will also be considered for publication on the APA Blog.
To be eligible, you must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate student and majoring or minoring in philosophy. We will only consider previously unpublished essays of between 800 words to 1,500 words, and one submission per author. The essays should be engaging, original, with significant philosophical content and/or methods, and written for a public ( not academic) audience. The types of pieces we are looking for would be
similar to articles published with Aeon , The Institute of Art and Ideas , New Philosopher magazine, or The Stone column in The New York Times .
The winning entry will be determined by the Award Committee (see below) and the APA Blog Editorial Board.
All authors will be notified of the outcome of the competition. The cash prizes are made possible thanks to John Kaag at University of Massachusetts-Lowell and Barry Lam’s Hi-Phi Nation podcast .
Award Committee:
The Award Committee includes Myisha Cherry , Skye C. Cleary , Lewis Gordon , David V. Johnson , John Kaag , Barry Lam , Massimo Pigliucci , Jason Stanley , and Adriel Trott .
The deadline for this award will be December 20, 2018 at 5pm EST . Please submit the following: (1) your essay in doc, docx, or rtf format; and (2) a statement from a faculty advisor that you are an undergraduate philosophy major or minor. Refereeing will be anonymous; authors should omit all remarks and references within their essay
(but not the faculty statement) that might disclose their identities. Attach both documents to your email, include your essay title in the subject line, and send it to . All enquiries should be sent to Asia
Forcucci at: .

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