On love

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I am sharing this wonderful excerpt from an interview with one of the leading scholars of our time, Professor George Yancy. The interview is part of a new series in Journal on African Philosophy (JAP) that highlights African and Africana philosophers worldwide.

In the current issue of Journal on African Philosophy, Professor Yancy speaks at length, reflecting deeply on what it means to be a scholar of philosophy, a black public intellectual, and a scholar of Africana philosophy. He asks us to rethink what philosophy is and could be. I thought this was apt for the time we are living in. Beautifully stated, he says:

“What we need is a conception of philosophy that dares to love, where love involves profound risk and calls upon new and radical forms of imagining what could be or what is not yet; and then muster the courage to take that necessary step toward a community that is dear to us, that is beloved. As the Global South suffers, we thrive. That kind of dynamic presupposes a corrupt understanding of humanity on the part of those who thrive. Philosophy is useless if it does not speak with courage, if it does not attempt to move the world in the direction of a human community where if one of us suffers, then we all suffer.” — Professor George Yancy, Journal on African Philosophy

I am including the link to the abstract and PDF:


If you have any questions, let me know.

Azuka Nzegwu, PhD

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