3 thoughts on “On work.

  1. Even those who don’t get paid do work in community support. Also the writer doesn’t mention privilege. We can be robbed of dignity in an office that feels entitled to put you down into a pecking order. Where you are on that ladder will establish the way you are treated.

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  2. He writes: “The solution to welfare poverty isn’t higher welfare. The solution is a job.” Is that the claim you disagree with? Or do you? I don’t want to put words in your comment!

    He also writes: “The greatest thing in the world you can do for another human being is give them the opportunity to work. As hard as it is for someone to climb out of that gulf, it’s worth it. They never look back. Nor do the generations after them. Work is still essential to human survival – the survival of the human spirit. We need to reclaim work as a virtue.” – I agree.

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    • I don’t disagree with the notion that we need a job, but if we are forced to do a job by the state, is it seen as a virtue or something that comes from the human spirit? We need respect and dignity as well as work. We live in a world where many talk about what “they” (anyone who is not us) should do. It becomes an issue of power-over instead of an issue of care.


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