Huxley was one of Steve and Deborah’s two dogs. He was a lovable Golden Lab. I was lucky enough to spend some time with him. He was fun. Didn’t like to play ball but always ran after the ball with his brother, Byron. He liked people, food and a good belly rub. Today was his last day. He left with Byron, Steve, and Erik present to say “Goodbye”.

Some memories here in a slide show.

3 thoughts on “Huxley

  1. Dogs are special. Long ago my family had a Police Dog (it was during the second world war and no one used “German Shepherd”). He was my pal. “Kayo” was his name. When Mom remarried and we moved to the farm, it was decided (passive voice my choice) that Kayo couldn’t come. We started out with a trailer hooked to the Ford and made it about 50 miles before stopping at a motel. Some time later Kayo arrived, worn out but he found me!
    My new step-father called and my brother-in-law came to get Kayo and return him to our old home with my sister and brother -in-law. Soon however Kayo joined us on the farm because he was totally devastated without me. Kayo and I used to lie together under the porch on hot summer days and “talk” about the war, the unfair world, and life in general.
    Kayo was the first of three German Shepherd that have brightened my life.


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