Apologies and compensation

Call for Registration     Apology and Compensation

Time and Location    Gula Villan, Stockholm University, 14-15 September 2018.


Conflict pervades human life. In personal relationships and criminal activity, in armed conflict and war, in oppressive and unjust states, people wrong their fellow human beings. After conflict amends must be made. Amends for the harms and wrongs of conflict can take many forms, most commonly apologies and compensation. But when, if ever, are apologies and compensation required or expected? Who ought to apologise? Do people have a right to an apology? Does a sincere apology require a change in character? Who ought to be compensated? What kind of suffering should be compensated and by whom? What grounds claims to compensation? Though particularly relevant to post-conflict situations, questions surrounding amends for harms and wrongs have received comparatively little attention within the ethics of war. This two-day workshop brings together scholars working on compensation and apologies to advance our understanding of what morality requires after war ends.


Workshop Abstracts: Apology and Compensation: here.

RECENT news here.

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