SS: on finding truth

There are several competing religions, and each claims it has the Truth. We read daily of clashes between Sunnis and Shia. The last time I counted there were 144 different flavours of Christianity. How could they all be true at the same time? How would one determine which, if any, has a corner on truth? I think the most damning criticism of religion comes out of considerations like this one. David Hume pointed this out long ago in his essay on religion. Is there any truth to the claims of religion?

And what about science? Does it do any better? One day coffee is said to be good for you and a week later it is bad for you. Is sunshine good or bad?  Is global warming real or just “the sky is falling” fear mongering? Compare religious claims with scientific claims. Religious claims depend on authority. What is different about scientific claims? Don’t they too depend upon authority?

One of the strengths of science is its capacity to resolve controversies by generally accepted procedures and standards. Many scientific questions (especially more technical ones) are not matters of opinion but have a correct answer.

Scientists document their procedures and findings in the peer-reviewed literature in such a way that they can be double-checked and challenged by others. The proper way to challenge results is, of course, also through the peer-reviewed literature, so that the challenge follows the same standards of documentation as did the original finding. [Source]

Also on topic is this discussion between Krauss and Dawkins.

2 thoughts on “SS: on finding truth

  1. In general I think that religions are saying Do unto Others as you would have them do unto you. Two thousand and 18 years ago something happened that impressed people, and it impressed them so much that we celebrate that all these years later, and our calendar is based upon that time. Today, June 24th is the birthday of St. John the Baptist. He is the only saint that gets his birthday celebrated because he was so highly thought of by Jesus.


  2. “In general I think that religions are saying Do unto Others as you would have them do unto you.”

    I agree that in general religion’s “official line” (as Bob used to say) is captured by that old Chinese saying. But what happens? How can evangelical Christians support POTUS? Why are there so many flavours of Christianity? Why is Islam at war within the faith? Or, is there any truth in the many official lines?

    In any case welcome to the discussion Madeline!


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