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This is the official solicitation for open peer commentaries for the Summer issue of Ethics, Policy, and Environment (

For this next issue, 21.2, we have selected a Target Article by Stephen M. Gardiner and Augustin Fragniere titled “The Tollgate Principles for the Governance of Geoengineering: Moving Beyond the Oxford Principles to an Ethically More Robust Approach”

Here is the abstract:

This article offers a constructive critique of the Oxford Principles for the governance of geoengineering, and proposes an alternative set of principles, the Tollgate Principles, based on that critique. Our main concern is that, despite their many merits, the Oxford Principles remain largely instrumental and dominated by procedural considerations; therefore, they fail to lay the groundwork sufficiently for the more substantive ethical debate that is needed. The article aims to fill this gap by making explicit many of the important ethical questions lurking in the background, especially around values such as justice, respect and legitimacy   

We are now soliciting approximately 5-10 open commentaries in response to this article.  Potential commentators will be invited to write short 750-1500 word responses which will be published simultaneously with the lead target article.

If you would like to be considered as a peer commentator for this article or for some future article, please contact our editorial assistant at to have your name added to our list.  Please explain in the e-mail that you would like to be considered as a peer commentator, and specify if this particular article is one that may interest you, in which case, our managing editor will send an advance version of the article back to you.

For this article, we would like to have you submit a short summary of your proposed Open Peer Commentary (no more than 150 words) by 9:00 AM, MST, Thursday, May 24.  If your peer commentary is selected, you will then have until Thursday, June 14 to submit your full commentary, which we would ask you to do through our online submission system.

Moreover, please also consider submitting a suitable article to EPE as a potential target or feature article.

If you are not familiar with the unique format of our journal, feel free to read more about us here:



Benjamin Hale and Andrew Light, Co-editors


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