SS: Ongoing debate – 13 years ago

Editorial gets a failing grade on science, religion: [Final Edition]

Lane, Bob. Nanaimo Daily News; Nanaimo, B.C. [Nanaimo, B.C]24 Dec 2005: A8.

1. Factual content: F. The judge did not rule that “ID” should not be taught. In fact, he recommended that it be taught in socials or comparative religion. He ruled that “ID” is not science and so should not be taught in a biology class. Testimony from the “ID” experts showed that under their definition of science, astrology would be considered science and should be taught.

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(Copyright The Daily News (Nanaimo) 2005)

One thought on “SS: Ongoing debate – 13 years ago

  1. Did the editor come after you? You pretty much destroy the editorial!
    I like this bit:
    2. Science knowledge: F. Teaching ID along with Darwinism is like teaching the care and feeding of unicorns along with veterinarian science.


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