7th Hamburg Summer School with Gideon Rosen

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The University of Hamburg is delighted to announce that the 2018 Philosophy Summer School will be taught by Prof. Gideon Rosen from Princeton on the topic of moral responsibility. 
The course will focus on foundational questions in the theory of moral responsibility and certain ‘hard cases’ that show the need for foundational inquiry. We are morally responsible for what we do insofar as we are liable to moral praise and blame and related responses. A foundational account will provide detailed analyses — real definitions — of the relevant notions of ‘praise,’ ‘blame’ and ‘liability’, an account of the basic conditions under which we are liable to these responses, and an account of why those conditions are as they are. (Philosophers argue about whether ‘free will’ is a condition of moral responsibility; much less is said about why this might be so.) The first part of the course will explore these questions directly. The second will bring abstract theory to bear on concrete cases. Possible topics include: responsibility and duress; responsibility and moral ignorance; the implications of situationist social psychology for the theory of responsibility, responsibility for negligence and responsibility for structural injustice.
The course will take place between July 23rd and July 27th at the University of Hamburg. For more information, please visit https://hamburgersommerkurs.wordpress.com
We very much welcome external participants to the Summer School, though only a limited number of spaces are available. If you would like to participate, please send a registration email, appending (i) a brief CV, and (ii) a short letter indicating how the course would benefit your work, to sommerkurs – AT – gmx.de
Registration is open until May 31st; we will notify applicants by June 7th. Should we receive an extremely high number of applications, we may close applications at an earlier date.
The registration fee will be 25€ to cover refreshments and snacks throughout the course. The fee will be payable at the beginning of the event.

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