Some things never change

So far I haven’t had a dream like Gregor Samsa has in the famous Kafka story. I thank the dream gods for that!

But while I was still teaching I always had “teacher dreams” – Back in the day – when I was teaching – I usually had at least one teacher dream before each semester began. These dreams had certain features: I walk in to the classroom and everyone gets up and leaves or everyone is turned with their back to the podium or I am in the wrong room or….and like that.

I will be at the downtown library on February 21, 2018 to talk with a group about Fake News. And the dreams have started already. First one: I walk in to the assigned room, look around, and all of the book laden shelves tip over with books falling everywhere. Everyone rushes out. I stand there knee high in books. (over prepared??)

Second one: After wandering around for what seems like hours I finally see the Philosophy Chair. Relief. I ask her where the correct room is. She tells me and then reminds me that I am one day early. (anxious?)



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