Looking back: Mazumdar performs

Performing Arts at Malaspina in 1979

October 1979.

WHILE MAXIM MAZUMDAR WAS already established as a considerable talent on the
Canadian theatrical scene he was largely an unknown quality when he made his first
and, todate, only appearance at the College Theatre. That was in February of this
year and the response of the audience to his startling one man masterpiece, Oscar
Remembered, was such that Bob Lane, Co-ordinator of the Performing Arts Series,
did not hesitate to ask him to consider a return engagement. Mazumdar, fast becoming
a name to admire in both North American and European theatre circles, accepted the
invitation. But this time a great deal more than a single show is involved. He
will be at the College all next week and will give four separate performances,
including Oscar Remembered, before travelling south to Duncan to present “Oscar”
in the Cowichan Community Theatre, on Saturday, October 27. His performances will
be: Oscar Remembered, Wednesday, October 24, 8 pm; readings from Shakespeare,
Thursday, October 25, 1 pm; Rimbaud, Thursday, October 25, 8 pm, and Dance for Gods,
Friday, October 26, 8 pm. . . . .

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