Looking back . . .

From May 1989 Mainly Mal 

Ian Johnston Launches His Book, “The Ironies of War”
On Friday April 14th, the Royal Arbutus Room was full of celebrants
there to honour Ian Johnston on the occasion of the publication of his
new book on Homer’s “Iliad” called the “The Ironies of War”. The
celebration was arranged by Thora Howell from the Bookstore on Bastion,
Ross Fraser from the college, and Colleen Johnston from the community.
As Ross said in his opening remarks, “This evening is an example
of how college and community work together to honour Ian Johnston who
has made a unique contribution to the college and to the community over
the years.”

Mike Mathews introduced Ian Johnston in what was very close to a
roast of the popular English instructor. Mike reminded the audience that
in addition to sartorial splendour, Ian is feared by the local actors for his
drama review, a column in the “Times”. which “shows up on your
doorsteps whether we want it or not,”a formidable husband and father, and
landlord of some reputation. Mike’ s introduction set just the right mood
for a fine evening of food, drink and celebration. A jazz combo played
and there was a great spread of food prepared by Thora and the college
cooking staff.

Ian read a short portion of the new book and commented briefly on how
it came to be written. It was a night to celebrate the work of the mind and
the importance of the writer in the community. The evening was a successful
reminder of the importance of the writer in the community, and it
was good to see so many community members present to honour a long
time college instructor.   – Bob Lane

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