Institute of Practical Philosophy@VIU – approaching 40!

Several years ago now I wrote, in the local press,  of the need for a local Institute to study and discuss contemporary social issues. Engage the community, was the idea that sparked this birth. And VIU (then Malaspina College) enthusiastically agreed. Over the years the IPP has hosted several community events, including, health care, pornography, euthanasia; and it has published several chapbooks. You can review its past, present and future here.

At first we funded it by selling memberships in the local Society for Practical Philosophy and securing grant money from several BC charitable organizations.


And I am pleased to say that the IPP is still functioning under the directorship of Dr. Robert Pepper-Smith with the help of the philosophy Chair, Dr. Carolyn Swanson!

Mission Statement

The Institute’s mandate is to:

  • examine central problems of contemporary society through a careful unification of theory and fact;

  • engage community members in thoughtful, philosophical debate; and

  • explore topical issues through workshops, lectures, newsletters, symposiums and publications.